Once again First Methodist is blessed to be able to designate 100% of our Christmas Eve Offering to mission outside the walls of our church! This is the 10th year we have chosen to make our Christmas Eve offering a gift to others.  
This year we will be dividing the offering total between our ongoing ministry with Parkview Elementary School and the Haiti Water Project. 
The Haiti Water Project works to install a simple PVC gutter system to homes in Haiti that do not have access to clean water. The gutter system captures rainwater off of the corrugated steel roof of each home. The water is then piped into a 50 gallon barrel that allows the resident to use the captured rainwater for home use. A rainwater collection system costs $160 per home. The cost covers the labor of Haitians who are employed by this ministry, as well as paying for all the materials needed for installation and water storage.
This ministry is life-changing because there are many regions in Haiti where public utilities are non-existent. This means people are either having to make long journeys on foot to obtain water or they are getting water from ponds that are also used by livestock and other animals.  Since Haiti averages 51 inches of rainfall each year, those who receive this system on their home now have access to plenty of clean water. 

Our ministry with Parkview Elementary is in our tenth year!  The Christmas Eve offering funds are used to pay for the hams and pies for Thanksgiving Bingo that our church partners with them to provide. Funds are also used for teacher and staff appreciation, bracelets for Read Across America and other programs and projects that Parkview contacts us about. Your generosity has been such a blessing as we have been able to maintain the same level of support for Parkview the last 10 years even as the hams and pies have almost doubled in price. We are blessed to be in ministry with Parkview and thank you for all the ways you support the students and staff of the school. 

Those who are unable to be in worship on Christmas Eve (4PM & 6PM) can drop by the church office, mail their gifts or give online at Giving – First Methodist Church Clovis NM (firstclovis.com) . Make sure to mark your contribution “2023 Christmas Eve Offering.”

Thank you!