Sunday Worship



We are now offering our 1 worship service at our regular time at 9:30am

We are not taking reservations for you to attend a specific service. We do not anticipate any issues on seating in the sanctuary.  

9:30am – this is our regular service time and will be the service that is livestreamed online.

Before deciding if you or your family will physically attend worship. Please consider the following:
– have I or anyone in my family been sick in the past two weeks?

– Am I 60+ years old, immunocompromised, or at higher risk?

– Do I have anxiety about the current situation, or does the thought of returning to in-person worship at this point cause me anxiety?

Please use your common sense when it comes to making the decision for yourself to attend on-site worship. If you have a fever, feel unwell, or have a cold, you are encouraged to join us by worshiping online or via the radio broadcast of the service.  If you are just uncomfortable being a part of on-site worship at this point, you are encouraged to continue worshiping with First UMC online or by listening to the radio broadcast. I am grateful for the technology that allows us to stay connected.



Wearing a mask is your choice. All are encouraged to attend worship whether you wear a mask or not. If you need a mask, there are masks provided in the Welcome Center. If you take a handmade one, please take it home, wash it, and bring it back. We have a limited supply of handmade masks.

Social distancing

You are encouraged to maintain social distancing in the welcome center/narthex, sanctuary and following the worship service. We will not have a refreshment station set up. We know many of you want to visit following the service and we encourage you to visit outside the facility as we do our best to maintain social distancing.

What to expect at on-site worship:


The main doors to all parking lots will be propped open when you arrive and leave the church to minimize contact with handles by a large volume of people.


There is hand sanitizer provided at all the entrances of the sanctuary and is in the welcome center. Additionally, the church is fully cleaned and wiped down and will be each week.

Sunday School & Nursery
Children & Youth Sunday School
3yrs – 12th Grade
Following Worship
Sunday Morning Nursery Care
The nursery is now open Sunday mornings for children birth to preschool. We have updated our cleaning/sanitizing procedures, toy sharing will be limited, and temperature checks will be done as children enter the nursery.

Child Activity Bags

The activity bags have been temporarily removed. If your child needs activities for church, please bring some for them to use.


Pews have been marked off to maintain social distancing. We have marked a 6ft block in the center of the pew to keep distance from each end. Please sit in the areas that are open with your family unit and/or those you have already been social distancing. Please be flexible in where you sit, your normal pew may be marked off for social distancing. Keep in mind that one side of a pew might have 6 people and other side may have 1 or 2, that is okay as we maintain social distancing.



We will have two baskets at the front of the sanctuary for you to place your offering. We will have a time of offering and prayer in the service, but we will not be passing the offering plates. You can also continue to make your contributions electronically, through the mail, or by dropping a check off in the locked mailbox on the north side of the church office.


Congregational singing

We will have congregational singing during the worship service. Please sing along if you would like. 


Drive-thru communion

We will offer Drive-thru communion on the first Sunday of each month from Noon – 12:45pm. Please pull to the east/rear parking lot to receive communion.